“Being Pregnant” in practice

The pregnancy period is a period of intensive physical and emotional change. The body changes from the inside and the outside. Your brains are exposed to hormones manage those changes in preparation for the birth of your baby. Your routine, your perception of your surroundings and your life in general changes. All this has a major impact on how you experience the world around you and how you react to it.

The module “Being Pregnant” is intended to smooth the experience of these changes and assists the expectant mother to focus on what really matters: a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby. This module consists of three parts:

Inventory and Goals:

Resolving and Integrating:


Duration of the module “pregnant”: The average number of sessions for this module is 3 to 4 sessions. Depending on your specific needs more or less sessions will be needed. After the intake you will receive a short action plan which includes an estimate of the minimum number of sessions required.

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