Module “Getting Pregnant” in practice

Getting pregnant is something you usually do together. Together you take the decision to become parents, and if things do not move along as expected, together you take the necessary steps.

Once it is established that there are no physical barriers to a successful fertilization, the door is open to look at the role of the mind in the infertility process to find any blockages and improve the chances of a successful fertilization, spontaneous or clinical (IUI and IVF). The “Getting Pregnant” Module involves both partners.

The module “Getting Pregnant” consists of four parts:

Inventory and Goals: 

Resolving and Integrating: 


On-Going Support:

Duration of the module “Getting Pregnant”: Every person is different and every couple is different. Depending on your specific needs more or less sessions will be needed. After the intake you will receive a short action plan which includes an estimate of the minimum number of sessions required. Experience teaches us that a minimum of 12 sessions is typically required.

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