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According to Prof. Bart Fauser, professor of reproductive medicine at the University of Utrecht, “Only one in ten couples become pregnant spontaneously” (*). More than 11 years into the new millennium, still many couples are diagnosed as infertile; in an alarmingly high percentage of these cases, no medical explanation is found for the infertility. This is called “unexplained infertility”.

The diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” can be regarded positively. The lack of hard medical diagnosis could indicate that the body is not the bottleneck to get pregnant! At this point the door opens for possibilities around the body-mind relationship as a factor in the fertility issue. Hypnosis is a technique that has a proven highly positive effect on body-mind issues around fertility.

Studies show the effectiveness of hypnotherapy compared to other forms of therapy as a tool against unexplained infertility:

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% of the patients reported improvement after 600 sessions.
  • Behavior therapy: 72% of clients reported improvement after 22 sessions.
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% of customers reported success after only 6 sessions!

“Beautiful Birth System” of BestOfYourself provides a structured therapeutic framework which ensures that in a relatively short time, your emotions, your mind and the functioning of your nervous system can be stabilized. You quickly learn to achieve the inner state to reach that opens the door to conception, whether it is naturally or medically assisted (IUI or IVF treatments).


(*) Bron: artickel ” In 2100 Everyone is barren ” WWW.NIBURU.NL 02-07-2005

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