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Lucia Paz-Hernandez

“Beautiful birth System” is an activity of BestOfYourself.

BestOfYourself was founded by Lucía Hernández Paz and stems from her belief that we possess all the qualities necessary to adapt to our environment in order to overcome its challenges. If we are in touch with our qualities, we will make the best and most efficient choices to ensure happier, more successful and healthier lives.

Getting Pregnant, Being Pregnant and Childbirth are all natural processes that are often made more difficult by inner blocks or unconscious resistance by fear, uncertainty, etc. With the right guidance, many childless couples can see their dream of parenthood fulfilled; mothers can enjoy a wonderful and healthy pregnancy and a natural and often virtually pain-free childbirth. “Beautiful birth System” provides all the ingredients for that guidance.

Background: After a lengthy rehabilitation following a car accident in 2000, Lucia with the help of meditation, hypnosis, Neurofeedback training and other forms of complementary care, managed to regain control over her body and mind experience. Her life has never been the same again.

She gave up her job within large IT multinational in order to fully concentrate on her own practice BestOfYourself. Through her personal experience, Lucia knows, like no other that inner balance is vital. Balance helps us through the most challenging circumstances.

Lucia is a certified Hypnotherapist and has followed pregnancy coaching training with with Barbara Corsetto in Amsterdam. She is Neurofeedback Practitioner, Noesitherapist and Usui Reiki Master. For more information about Lucia’s work see: www.bestofyourself.com and www.relaxo.nl [/ weaver_showhide]




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