How does it work?

This module will provide you with the “tools” that make the birth of your baby an experience to remember with a smile.

With the application of self-hypnosis you will be able to achieve a state of hypnotic trance where you can experience a deep and pleasant state of relaxation while you are aware and actively involved with what happens around you. Noesitherapy, on the other hand strengthen your auto-immune system and makes work more efficiently to minimize complications and ensure prompt recovery for mother and child.

Effects of this module:

You will experience your contraction in a very different manner than average
Your pain threshold will be shifted!
The opening phase is faster than average (even if this is your first pregnancy)
Babies who are born under these circumstances immediately breathe naturally
Through the experience of a “Beautiful birth”:

  •  These babies are usually healthier and calmer; they cry less and eat better
  •  The shock of birth for the baby is minimized
  •  These babies have a much more positive association with situations of change!!

 Because your auto-immune system will work more efficiently:

  •  Your recovery will be faster and easier
  •  Bleeding will be controlled
  • The risk of infections or complications after childbirth is minimized

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